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Unacceptable shipments

QF Global Network will not accept the following items for transportation: Currency, Human Remains, drugs prohibited by law, jewelry, precious metals, Firearms and Ammunition, Alcohol, Tobacco and tobacco products and hazardous m aterials, that are prohibited under the Department of Transportation regulations contained in title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, or which are prohibited under the dangerous goods regulations issued by the INTERNATIONAL AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION (IATA).

Hazardous materials & dangerous goods

Hazardous materials as defined in the Department of Transportation Regulations contained in Title 49 of the code of Federal Regulations and Dangerous goods as defined in the Dangerous Goods Regulations issued by the International Air Transport Association. Dangerous goods must be tendered by shipper as separate shipments with documents clearly indicating the contents. No service will be provided for packages not properly prepared in accordance with D.O.T. regulations and IATA requirements. Only certain hazardous materials are accepted. Please call or email us for complete details and to make arrangements.

Prohibited hazardous materials

  • QF Global Network cannot accept or ship the following hazardous materials:Class 1.1 Explosives (Explosive 1.1)
  • Class 1.2 Explosives (Explosive 1.2)
  • Class 1.3 Explosives (Explosive 1.3)
  • Class 1.5 Very Insensitive Explosives (Explosive 1.5)
  • Class 2.3 Poisonous Gas
  • Class 4.2 Spontaneously Combustible Material
  • Class 4.32 Dangerous When Wet Material
  • Class 6.1 Poisonous Materials (labeled as PG I and PG II, inhalation hazard)
  • Class 6.12 Poisonous Materials (labeled as PG I, PG II and PG III, other than inhalation hazard)
  • Class 6.2 Infectious Substances
  • Class 7 Radioactive Material II and III (labeled as Radioactive Yellow II and III) In addition, Freight Solved LLC does not handle any mixture, solution or material identified as: A reportable quantity of a hazardous substance.
  • Hazardous waste.
    A biohazard, such as blood, urine, fluids and other noninfectious diagnostic specimens.