Help Center / FAQ

1. What is QF Global Network?
As a lot of online merchants do not ship internationally, QF Global Network offers you a secure address in the USA or the Netherlands so receive all your online purchases. We take care of forwarding them to your country quick and efficiently!
2. Can businesses also register with QF Global Network?
Yes of course.
3. Are you services also available in other countries?
Currently we forward all packages and mail to Aruba. We are in the process of adding other countries. If you are interested in becoming an agent, please contact us.
4. How frequent do you ship my packages to my country?
From Miami, we ship twice a week and soon three times a week. From the Netherlands, we currently ship once a week.
5. Can I have the postal services forward my mail to my QFA address?
Yes, you can.
6. How can I pay for my packages?
Several options are available : cash - credit card- debit card - money transfer or with company check.
7. I don’t have a credit card. Can I still use QF Global Network?
Yes, you can. With our Shopping Assistant service, we can place orders for you!
8. How soon can I use my address after I have registered?
As soon as you have verified your email address, you will receive a second email detailing your secure address which you can use right away.
9. Can packages be dropped off at my QFA address?
Yes of course. Please ensure they are clearly labeled with the shipping details.
10. How are my packages shipped?
By airplane or ship.
11. Why was I charged for a heavier weight than the actual weight of the package?
Freight charges are calculated on actual or dimensional weight of shipment, which ever is greater. QF Global Network reserves the right to assess transportation charges based on volumetric standards. Dimensional weight is calculated by :length x width x height of each package (all in inches) and dividing by 166. If the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight, transportation charges for the shipment are based on the dimensional weight.
12. The online merchant only accepts credit cards with a USA billing address. What should I do?
Either request your bank to add your US address as a secondary address on you credit card or we can place the order for you with our Shopping Assistant services.
13. What are the import duties on, for example, car parts?
On car parts it is 22%. As the import duties vary for each commodity please click on our import duties button for prices.
14. Why do I have to send the invoice of my order to you?
We need the invoice of your merchandise in order to prepare the required Customs documentation.
15. Can I track my packages?
Yes, you can track your packages from the time they arrive AT your QFA address through your QF Tracking. Just click on ‘Member Log In’ on the top of the menu bar and log in with your membership # and password. To track your packages TO your QFA address, we have added links to various carriers’ website on our home page, for your convenience.
16. What is the QF Tracking?
The QF Tracking enables you to adjust your account details as well as track your packages from the time it arrives at your QFA address to your country.
17. How do I know my package has arrived at my QFA address?
We will update your QF Tracking system and send an email notification.
18. I did not enter my membership details in my order. How will I get my package to my country?
We receive a list of unknowns that we scan. Please send us an email with the tracking number of the package so we can send an alert and put it on the next scheduled flight. Providing the incomplete details will cause delays with your shipments and possibly even refusal at your address.
19. Can I receive cash or checks at my QFA address?
20. Which items will not be accepted at my QFA address?
We reserve the right to refuse any shipment, which by reason of the dangerous or any other character of its contents is liable in our judgment to soil, taint, or otherwise damage other merchandise or equipment, or which is economically or operationally impracticable to transport, or which is improperly packed or wrapped; or it is prohibited by any local or international laws.
21. Are the packages insured?
Regardless of any declared value for transportation, the liability of QF Global Network shall be limited to US $100.00 (Dollars) per shipment. We do not provide insurance coverage for merchandise valued over $100.00 (Dollars).
22. Can I receive packages from other countries at my QFA address?
Yes you can.
23. Is there someone located at my QFA address to receive and sign for my packages?
Yes, your address is secure and manned 5 days a week from 9 to 6 pm.
24. I registered, but have not received my membership card yet. What should I do?
Yes, your address is secure and manned 5 days a week from 9 to 6 pm.
25. Do I have to wait on my membership card to start to shop?
No you don’t. As soon as you verified your email address, you’ll receive an email with all your details so you can start shopping.
26. Can I register for both countries?
Yes you can. In your QF Tracking you can add a country. You will receive an email with all your details
27. What is the USPS form and why do I need to fill it out?
The United States Parcel Services form is to authorize QF Global Network to collect your mail and packages at the USPS office
28. The online merchant requires a telephone number in the shipping address. What is the telephone number?
The USA: 305-592-8700
29. How do I place an order online?
Once you have selected the item you want to buy, you will be prompted to fill out certain details to process the order : a billing address, shipping address and the credit card details. In the billing address, you fill out the address where you receive your credit card statements. In the shipping address, you fill out your QFA address. Normally, there is a second line available in the address, where you can put your QFA xxxx PMB details. If this is not the case, put ‘QFA’ in front of your name in the shipping address.