Services & Info

Secure address

We provide you with a secure address to send all your online purchases, catalogs and mail.

Merchandise forwarding

Your orders can be shipped via air freight or ocean freight. All your merchandise and correspondence is forwarded to your country quick and efficiently.

Drop-off point in Miami

Too much baggage to take back home? Drop them at your QFA address, conveniently located close to Miami International Airport. QF Global Network will take care of forwarding it to your country.

Florida pick up service

At your request, we can have your merchandise picked up in Florida, delivered to your QFA address and then send to your country. Please contact us for a rate request.

Local delivery

We provide delivery service for your packages and correspondence to your office or home, at a small charge.

Shopping Assistant

Let us order your favorite products if you do not have a credit card. Pass by your local QF office to place your orders, our friendly staff is ready to assist. We require full payment in advance before processing the orders.

QF 4 Me

Only QF Global Network provides you with personal update module : Track the progress of your shipments, manage your reward points, view your addresses, update your account and many more features are offered.

Custom Clearance

We provide Customs services catered to your preferred mode of transportation. This also includes a range of solutions when additional processing is required by the regulatory agencies (for example when you are importing cellular phones, supplements or alarm systems).