To country : Aruba

Air freight charge

For packages (price is per pound)
1st pound 11.95 Afls.
Each additional pound is charged @ 9.25 Afls.

Note : Dimensional weight (size of package) pricing is applicable on all shipments.

For correspondence

Each letter 2.25 Afls.
Each magazine 7.95 Afls.
(we offer monthly magazine package price)
Each catalog from 7.95 Afls.
per pound

Customs documentation

Basic customs form 14.75 Afls.
Additional customs list 7.50 Afls
Department for Telecommunication Affairs 20.75 Afls.
Inspection of Medicines 20.75 Afls.
Economic Affairs 20.75 Afls
Delivery starts from 18.75 Afls

Ocean freight charge

1 - 20 cubic feet 15.00 Afls per cubic feet
21 - 40 cubic feet 13.50 Afls per cubic feet
41 - 50 cubic feet 11.50 Afls per cubic feet
51 cubic feet and over 10.00 Afls per cubic feet
*Afls. 2 per shipping pound will apply for requested packages to be delivered from air to ocean address.

Customs documentation

Basic customs form 25.00 Afls.
Additional customs list 12.50 Afls.
Department for Telecommunication Affairs 25,00 Afls.
Inspection of Medicines 35.00 Afls.
Delivery starts from 18.75 Afls.

Shopping Assistant Service

Flat fee of 45.00 Afls.
Orders over $250 are charged at 10% of the product price